Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association’s


We are Dian and Jan Megarry, Chief Instructors of the  Woodmen Hills Branch of Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association. We have been training with Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association since 1994 under Professor Joseph Gardino, Jr. In 2001 we became the Head Instructors of the Rustic Hills Branch of Eastern Colorado Springs  and began our journey to share our knowledge with others and help them gain skills to become healthy and fit. We later expanded and created the Woodmen Hills Branch in Falcon. We teach people of all ages. We help children become leaders within their communities and have the ability to defend themselves, their family and friends. We are both lifetime teachers with a passion to teach young and old alike. Our classes are family oriented and encourage parents to train with their children to help build family ties. We are unique and gear classes toward the personal needs of everyone. Our expertise will support and help all who have the desire make it to Black Belt and beyond.  We serve the Eastern Plains, which include the Falcon area, Peyton, Calhan and Ellicott. Join us to become fit, have fun, and learn. “Learning is a journey that never ends.” More information from Hawaii ,Why everyone should know self defense.

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