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The Five P’s for Personal Safety

Below are the “Five P’s for personal safety. Post them somewhere you can see them and read them every day. Try to memorize them and make them a part of you. They will help you stay safe in your home, school and community.

 1. Positive

Have a positive attitude. Try to be positive with your family, friends and peer. Being positive will help you make friends more easily and help you avoid problems with your classmates.

2. Polite

Learn to be polite to others. Being polite, kind and respectful will help you with all your relationships both at home and in school. Being polite is not only using clean and kind words, but it is also controlling your tone of voice and your body language. Try a little respect and politeness and you will find you will get along with most people.

 3. Prepared

Be prepared for anything. You must prepare your mind, body and spirit to contend with any possible problem that might arise. No matter how hard we try to prevent having difficulties and problems with others, the fact is that once in a while we will have trouble. You must prepare yourself for this possibility. BE SMART and escape all situations that may turn confrontational or violent. Open your mouth, shout for help, tell your teachers, and tell your parents. If the situation is bad enough, call the police and report the problem to them. As a last resort, defend yourself, but take care how you do it. It’s best to take self-defense classes from a certified martial arts instructor so you can learn the proper skills and techniques to defend yourself successfully.

 4. Prevent

Prevent problems before they happen. Avoid all situations that could have potential for causing trouble. If an activity could be dangerous, destructive, or illegal, run away from it fast. Remember the old saying ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you think prevention, you will have a plan of escape when problems arise. Prevention is a major key to safety.

 5. Persistence

Be persistent in all that you do. Have a “never give up” attitude”. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Say yourself, ” I am capable.” Have an “I can” attitude. Use your mind, body and spirit to break through and solve every problem. You can if you believe you can!

“Enjoy the learning!”

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